Calyx Sustainable Tourism

Calyx Sustainable Tourism provides consulting services to businesses and communities to bring their stories alive through community-based tourism and place-based economic development strategies.  We connect the dots strategically between a wide range of issues such as outdoor lands and recreation, working lands, maritime industries, public health, business development, sustainability, organizational health and tourism.

Tourism as A Soft Landing

Calyx provides strategic planning and implementation services to build community and regional tourism that emphasizes place by building a “Skittles Trail” ® of experiences to delight any traveler. This focus on tourism is developed within the broader economic development envelope that emphasizes local business,  sustainable operations and community resilience.

Calyx provides an excellent return on investment through tourism enterprise specific services in operations, communications, program development and partnership building. We are self confessed research junkies, housing over 56,000 documents across numerous disciplines. This provides great value because data is at our fingertips.

Building Capacity In Groups

In addition to specific tourism services, we provide consulting on organizational development, partnership building, in-depth industry research and communication strategies. Ms. Siegelbaum has worked at the intersection of the natural resource and other practiced target markets for decades and implicitly nderstands how to balance the role of business in a sustainable and resilient economy.

The Place-Based Economy

The word “place” is often used to describe the feeling inspired by color, the visual landscape, architecture, local people and how they make you feel.  Place is both tangible– something you can touch and capture in an image, and intangible– an emotion, or a longing inspired by the place you visited.

Calyx’s business model is inspired by a personal commitment to local business development, protecting important community assets, building capacity at all scales and building social capital in groups, the sticky stuff that makes life work.

Gather ‘Round and Expand Your Thinking

Calyx collaborates with its clients and partners to create beautiful and successful communities using thoughtful strategies and combining a number of practice areas  typically isolated from one another.

This cross disciplinary strategy yields remarkable results by widening perspective and building trust. It helps to share the work and make “work” seem more like play. It puts you in someone else’s shoes and as a result, makes you a better human. This in turn leads to prosperity for businesses, residents and communities alike as they are all linked like a strand of DNA.

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