More vision, different carrots for different people, more humor, less rhetoric. That’s what I’m talking about.

Calyx provides consulting services to businesses and communities to bring their stories alive through place-based economic development strategies.  We connect the dots strategically between a wide range of issues such as outdoor lands and recreation, working lands, maritime industries, public health, business development, sustainability, organizational health and tourism.

We work with our clients and partners to integrate sustainable practices with good business and healthy living. Our core values are inclusion, connection, interdependence and humor.

The Mission Driven Model

I care about the future and the manner in which natural resources (food, water,  mountains, medicine and all the beautiful things we love) dovetail with economic development strategies. I work to achieve a balanced, sustainable way of achieving vitality in communities,within organizations and to find common ground in a wide range of  sustainable economic development strategies.

Our approach is based on a local asset emphasis in which business development, protection strategies and partnerships are based on the assets the community has within its borders. This is, in essence, the basis of economic gardening.


Start with The House

Calyx provides tailored consulting in organizational strategies including developing communities of practice, knowledge management, communication strategies and partnership development.

Communication as The Foundation

We are self confessed research junkies, housing over 56,000 documents across numerous disciplines. This provides a refreshed perspective and approaches where silo approaches can dominate thinking. This research helps inform your unfolding communication strategies including use of visual tools, words, tone and messengers.

Place-Based Strategies

We guide community groups, non-profits and private sector groups in strategic planning and implementation for the place-based economy: tourism, outdoor recreation, forestry, food, culture and maritime. We emphasize those strategies that provide the greatest protection for the natural resources we depend on while strengthening the entrepreneurial and innovative position of partners. Capitalize on the good.

Calyx’s business model is inspired by a personal commitment to local business development, protecting important community assets, building capacity at all scales and building social capital in groups, the sticky stuff that makes life work. We believe the greatest success comes from learning from those you barely know.

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